Thursday, October 27, 2016

Pokémon GO: Update brings new functionality

Like the classic Pokémon game, the app has the motto "Gotta catch 'em all": the goal is to collect as many monsters as possible. In "Pokémon Go", there are currently 151 Pokémon, some of which are rare, others are frequent. When capturing the small monsters, there are experience points (EP) that allow you to climb into higher levels of the trainer.

From level five it is also possible to take arenas. These are often larger buildings or sights in a city. To conquer them, you have to fight with their Pokémon. In addition, you can choose from this level for one of three teams. Red is team daring, blue team wisdom and yellow team intuition. If you choose the same team as your friends, it is possible to fight together. Beyond the gathering of Pokémon, it is therefore about becoming increasingly strong and many arenas to occupy.

Pokémon Go: Where can I find Pokémon?
The bottom right corner of the map will show which Pokémon are nearby. If these are close enough, the mobile phone vibrates and the monsters can be touched. Then the camera opens and the Pokémon is projected into the real world. Then they have to be caught with a Pokéball. This is sometimes not so easy: often the ball has to hit the Pokémon very precisely or the monsters even get out. Strong Pokémon break also from their balls or disappear completely.

Pokémon Go: What are the risks of the app?
When you start, you should be a beginner - and, of course, as a professional - be careful not to sink too much into Pokémon Go. When walking, therefore, pay attention to the way! This way you can prevent either accidents happening or you are in danger. Pokémon players in Hanover have fallen into a military restricted area while playing the Augmented Reality app. Because they have just stared at the display of their smartphones, they have noticed neither barriers nor red flags. When the bullets fly, you are definitely wrong! Also, you should beware of robbers: misbehavers have already taken advantage of the fact that players were so engrossed in monster hunting in Pokémon Go that they have not noticed nearby robbers.

Another tip for beginners and pros: Do not play while driving! If you are caught while driving while driving, you will face 60 euros fines and a point in Flensburg. Particularly bitter: Even the protection of a full range insurance may be lost if you can not leave Pokémon Go driving. Oh yes: cyclists should also leave the fingers from the smartphone - they must pay 25 euros penalty.

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Pokémon Go: How do Pokémon differ?
First of all, the pocket monsters differ in their strength. The basic principle is: the bigger the Pokémon, the stronger it is. Each monster has a certain number of combat points (WP), which can be increased by sweets and star dust. The WP also increases in arenas for battles. With a higher level of trainer, you are also more likely to encounter stronger Pokémon. Weak Pokémon, or those who are double, can be sent to the professor, for which there are sweets. With these you can further enhance its strong Pokémon.

The Pokémon are not just different in strength. There are many different ways, like
Water Pokémon, which are located near rivers and lakes, or Plant Pokémon, which are increasingly found in forests and parks. There are even Mind Pokémon, which can be found in cemeteries. In the case of arenas, the scissors-stone-paper principle applies: Water Pokémon beat Fire Pokémon more easily, Flight Pokémon have advantages over Ground Pokémon.

Pokémon GO: What are Pokéstops?
Pokéstops are located in places of interest, such as works of art or restaurants and are marked by blue squares on the map. There you get items such as Poké balls and eggs, in higher levels also potions, berries and other important aids. If a stop has been cleared, it is locked for about five to ten minutes before it fills again. In general there are more Pokéstops in the inner city than outside the city.

Pokémon Go: How much does the app cost?
The game app itself is free, but it is possible to buy items within the app for real money, for example, more Poké balls or smoke to attract Pokémon. The items are bought for playing coins, but the coins themselves can be bought for real money. 100 coins cost about one euro, for which one gets 20 Poké balls.

On the Internet, especially on Facebook, there are rumors that the app will be paid from August. Around 13 euros one would have to shell out soon, the money is automatically deducted. This is a false message, which was deliberately scattered. Do not worry, Pokémon Go is completely free to play.

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Pokémon Go: How do I breed eggs?
Eggs are available at Pokéstops. They can be developed with the help of an ibrating machine, which is in the inventory from the beginning. If the incubator is placed on it, the egg will develop with every run. For trips by car or train, the kilometers are not calculated, but on slow cycling. There are two-, five- or ten-kilometer eggs, which are used to breed various and especially rare species of Pokémon.

Other egg machines can be purchased in the shop, but only three brewing processes are carried out. They are also lucky enough to get them at Pokéstops. If you are too tired or simply too lazy to walk a lot, you can also hatch eggs at home. Just put the smartphone on the record player and the kilometers come by themselves.

Pokémon Go: How do I fight in the arena?
If you have enough Pokémon collected and these are strong enough, you can send them into the fight for arenas. When visiting an arena of the opposing team, the prestige level of the arena is revealed. The higher this is, the more monsters can be placed there. In addition, all Defender Pokémon are displayed. To be able to take an arena, you have to fight against each individual monster. Even in arenas of the own team can be fought, but this is only a training.

Each Pokémon has a base attack and a special suit. The latter must first be charged and then triggered by a long tap on the screen. Sweeping movements to the left and right deviate from enemy attacks. If the Pokémon hurts while fighting, its force points (KP) sink. The injuries can be healed with potions. The power points are the most important after the competitions, because they indicate the maximum energy of the Pokémon. When developing the Pokémon with sweets or star dust, the KP increase automatically.

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