Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why the obsession of young people for technology is not so bad after all

The Montpellier company AwoX, pure player connected objects and technologies dedicated to the world of intelligent home (smart home), present on the occasion of the IFA Berlin 2016 its entire ecosystem dedicated to smart light .

AWOX announce further AWOX SmartLight Mesh, its new range of bulbs connected with Mesh Technology: it allows control with extended reach as many bulbs connected as desired in the house, with Bluetooth simplicity.

The principle of technology Mesh is to relay a signal dropping another to extend the coverage of Bluetooth signal to all the bulbs in the house. Thanks to this new technology, not only is it still possible to enjoy the simplicity of Bluetooth (compatible with all smartphone and tablet market without the need to add a gateway to connect to the Internet box), but also to control all the bulbs in the house, whether in the garden or on the 3rd floor. Bluetooth the direct range is usually around 15 meters; with Mesh, you can now cover distances greater than 50 meters.

With Mesh Technology, secured by a unique password, AwoX can now create groups of up to 50 bulbs, where the previous Bluetooth technology was previously limited to 8 bulbs.

If the idea of ​​living without your smartphone makes you shiver, do not worry: you are in good company. According to research commissioned by the brand of mobile phones Honor, three quarters of Generation Y say it happen are not without phone.

Honor interviewed 1500 people aged between 18 and 34 years from three of the largest European countries and 73% of them have described their phone as essential to their daily lives.
In France, Generation Y is slightly less addicted to technology than its European neighbors, but still 68% of young French people describe their mobile as vital. Is it a problem ? Should we be concerned that most of us are unable to spend more than two hours without looking at the screen of their phone?

techno generation
Apparently not. Apart from a few drawbacks to report (especially concerning privacy), Generation Y believes that technology has positive effects. Over 82% of young French confirm that they feel valued by current technology and a majority say it helps them better appreciate the beauty of things, and this helped people to be more open and tolerant. We are also more optimistic about our future employees: 65% of "Millennials" believe they have the opportunity to pursue their dream.

Take the plunge
The survey results have shown a link between technology and bravery. Seventy-two percent of respondents to the European survey believe that technology can allow people to make courageous decisions.
But that really means "brave"? To Honor (a brand that is "for the good"), "bravery" means "courage," "persistence" and also know turn words into actions. It is perhaps no coincidence that this generation who grew up just after a financial crisis consider starting a new business or quit his job to start a new career are the most brave actions. It seems that the "Millennials" believe control his professional life is more courageous than traveling around the world or having children.

Love, money, love
But more interesting is to see that Generation Y has much esteem for happiness than money. When asked the nature of their desires and what they want to do later, young people put the financial side after the idea of ​​finding a job they love, finding the right spouse, or have the time to enjoy of life. Seventy-nine percent of young French people think that technology can play a role in the outcome of their goals. Ultimately, perhaps being glued to our smartphones is not a bad thing as that. Our parents think we are wasting our time by being glued to the small screen, but we are to realize our dreams, a "swipe" at once.